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Liberty Harbor Block Party - 09.23.17

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Liberty Harbor Block Party - 09.23.17

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block party 2017 IG cover cohost.png

Liberty Harbor Block Party - 09.23.17


Thank you so much for joining us for the Liberty Harbor Block Party on September 23! We are happy that you will be there!

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Liberty Harbor’s 2nd Annual Block Party – Vendor Information

This year’s Block Party will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, from 12pm – 5pm (rain date the 24th)

Booking fee is $30 per vendor space.
Table, Chairs, Tents: N/A – Vendors are asked to provide their own tables, chairs and tents.

Vendors will be provided with a 10’X10’ space to set up their booth. For vendors requiring more space, please include that on your application.

Vendor tables or tents shall be provided by the Vendor. Tablecloths are required as is a professionally displayed booth. Tents and tent weights are required for this event to protect from the sun and to increase your visibility and professionalism as a vendor to all patrons. A MINIMUM OF 1O POUNDS PER LEG IS MANDATORY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Vendors are responsible for staffing, set up and break down of their booths and must bring their own change funds.

Electricity is NOT provided.

We do not offer exclusivity for any products or services nor do we guarantee you will not be placed next to a competitor.

We reserve the right to disapprove vendor applications.

It is the responsibility of each vendor to acquire all necessary paperwork from the city in order to be able to participate in the event.

1. Application
2. Liability Insurance:
Please send over a copy of your liability insurance naming the following entity as additionally insured:

Liberty Harbor North Property Owner’s Association I, Inc.
345 10th Street, Jersey City NJ 07302

3. All food businesses MUST have a valid health certificate in order to sell food.
You can contact the Health Department here:

Department of Health & Human Services
199 Summit Avenue Unit F
Jersey City, NJ 07304 Tel: 201-547-6800.

We will need one copy on file and you must have a copy on display at your booth on the day of event.

4. If you are cooking with open flame, you will need to obtain Fire Permits from the Jersey City Fire Department.

Vendor setup will begin around 9:30 am. The festival begins at noon, but we expect all vendors fully operational by 11:30am. All sales conclude at 5:00 pm. Vendors may not break down until after the close of the block party at 5:00 pm and all items must be completely moved out by 6:00 pm. Sites must be completely clear of garbage, or you will incur a $50 cleaning fee and future reserved dates will be canceled.

Breakdown should be done immediately after the event and when patrons have left the event area. No early breakdown is allowed; vendors must commit to the entire event time. Vehicles may be brought in the event area only when all patrons are clear of the area. Designated parking will be provided to vendors the day of the event. Please indicate if you will need parking passes, and how many, on the application.

A site map will be emailed to the vendors before the event and will be available the day of the event for review. Vendors will need to check in before unloading at your vendor space. Vehicles must then be parked in the designated vendor parking area after unloading your items. Parking passes will be provided the day of the event and should be displayed in the front window of your vehicle.

Business conducted within a vendor space must be limited to the company or the individual assigned to the location unless with prior approval from Marketplace JC and Liberty Harbor. All vendors must limit their business to the space they are provided and may not distribute information or goods outside of their assigned space. We are not able to announce raffles or giveaways done at individual tents.

Plan ahead and bring everything you will need. In the event of wind be concerned not only with your tent but the items within your tent so they don’t blow away.

RAIN DATE: If it rains, we will hold a rain for Sept 24th from 12pm – 5pm.